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I am attorney Gilbert Quiñones. As a lawyer with decades of experience, I am proud to assist you with your legal situation and find a solution that best serves your needs.

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About Gilbert Quinones

About Gilbert Quiñones

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Personal Injury And Workers’ Compensation

Personal Injury And Workers’ Compensation

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At Law Offices of Gilbert Quiñones, our legal team understands that legal struggles can impact every area of your life, from how you plan your budget to how you sleep at night. Unlike many other California law firms, we spend our efforts on helping you find the right answers and making long-lasting, wise decisions about your future. After over 30 years of legal experience, our team knows that at the core of every legal dispute is a person, and we center our practice on ensuring you and your future are at the forefront of your case.

How do we achieve these goals? We create a personalized legal plan for every client who works with us. You receive one-on-one attention from our attorney, Gilbert Quiñones, who is available for phone calls and appointments to answer your questions. Mr. Quiñones is your advocate, but has a team of Certified Paralegals, to take care of your legal needs. We pride ourselves in Authentic, Considerate, Quality legal help.


Assistance For Life’s Legal Dilemmas

As a part of his commitment to you and his clients, Mr. Quiñones undertakes a wide range of cases, including:

  • Helping laborers and other workers when serious workplace injuries prevent them from earning a living;
  • Providing aid to the injured after car accidents, dangerous property conditions and other negligence causes harm;
  • Protecting those accused of a crime when prosecutors and police threaten their freedoms;
  • Helping families navigate through Divorce, Custody and Support issues;
  • Reducing debt and other crippling financial burdens through bankruptcy filings

When Mr. Quiñones graduated from University of California at Los Angeles (U.C.L.A.) with his Law Degree, he saw an opportunity to make major changes in people’s lives. His community-centered practice provides critical legal services to Californians statewide, from Monterey Bay to San Ysidro.

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